Sunday, January 27, 2008

ikea, my savior and my scourge.

so, yesterday the furniture for my studio was delivered, choosing and purchasing being last weekend's harrowing task. being the super-affluent girl that i am, the shopping was done at the only place that i've ever bought new furniture (and i do mean ever), that enormous and dizzying warehouse of svelte european design, ikea. the delivery was semi-fascinating, in that the delivery guys seemed rather perplexed at being expected to actually, you know, carry boxes. boxes that had semi-heavy stuff in them. off of their truck. and into a building even. as for the building not having a usable elevator and them having to climb all the way up to the second floor, well, that just about knocked them flat. but somehow they managed. those lil' troopers. i was so proud.

the result of these travails is that my little studio is now cram packed full of ikea flat-pack boxes, which are in turn full of pieces of fiberboard and bizarre little fragments of plastic and metal, the brainchildren of Nordic engineers who spend their days pondering "how do we make the couch and the love seat both fit into this 2' x 2' x 4" box?".

and today? well today, we assemble! today we say, "but why is the hole half the diameter of the peg it is meant to house??" today we wonder, "why do i have ten of these nails left over?" today we consider, "if i try to drill it, will it just split right open, or is there the merest chance that it will remain intact?" today me and my boyfriend and whatever friends i've managed to con-i mean, persuade (with beer) to come aid in our cause, today we Make It Happen. today we Get It Done. yes my friends, today is the day that my studio becomes less an empty concrete and glass room and more a usable studio space. theoretically. keep your fingers crossed for us, would you?

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