Wednesday, January 23, 2008

everything is changing, which is good but disconcerting.

i've never been good with change, which is peculiar since it has characterized my life more than anything for as long as i can remember. but nevertheless, there it is.

so i have a studio. see the pictures? it's empty now (though it did acquire some plants today!); once my furniture comes this weekend it will be transformed into a (more) usable workspace. it terrifies me still, but whenever i am there i am happy and comfortable, and i have to suppose that that means something. and something good, even. i may take paints there this weekend to continue what i'm working on, though i am weary of bringing too much for fear of cluttering up space that will be needed for furniture assembly. we shall see.

i also now have a fancy new nano... it appeared in my world because i needed some sort of musical system for the studio. my two year old shuffle, bless its little pack-of-gum heart, was not up to the challenge. so my darling boyfriend got me the Darkling. only we got home and discovered that my G4-dinosaur couldn't talk to it; i needed an OS upgrade of a serious sort. so that was a 24 hour i-can't-run-leopard-but-they-don't-sell-tiger epoch. but again, the courageous jonathan prevailed, and here i sit, Darkling filled with two plus days of my music, dinosaur-come-tiger humming away on OS X 10.4.11.

i don't recognize this life, but whose ever it is, i'll take it.

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