Monday, December 17, 2007

trial done. now what? oh, right, that "life" thing i hear so much about.

ok. so i've spent the past two months working like a crazy person. lots of 70 hour weeks; clocked one day at 18 hours, and such and so forth. and now it's done. i mean, there's plenty of cleanup and organization to be done, and who knows, maybe there will be an appeal or some such crazy thing. but basically it's over.


it's very anticlimactic, the way it unfolded / unraveled. for starters, the closings for the plaintiffs were broken up between two days, so i wasn't even there for all of it. to make matters more complex, they kept making us switch courtrooms, because of - *oh the irony* - asbestos abatement. so the past week has just been disjointed.

but today the jury began deliberations, and at 2:30 they had a verdict for us. and it was indeed for us, and it was a good one. so, good, right?

so i've finished my first trial. well, like i said, mostly finished. this morning i had a delivery service pick up 20-some-odd boxes of documents and other assorted crap that's accumulated down at the courthouse since mid-november - that will be fun to go through. but i'm finding it somewhat difficult to switch modes back to office work. sit at a desk? what? no more hovering around a courtroom, frantically texting back to the office for a copy of this or that, or a did you get in touch with so and so, or redacting transcripts until i think my hand will fall off so that they can be put into evidence before end of business...? now, don't get me wrong. working like this has been killing me and it's well time it ended. but i can't help but feel that now i'm going to be bored out of my mind. filing? um, like, no.

somehow i thought winning would be different. i pictured something... else. i don't know what. just else, just other. not a text of oh hey we won, here's the numbers, 20 minutes of champagne in the attorney's office and then back to the desk.

i don't know. it just ain't like the movies... even if we did get to spend one day in the courtroom where they film law and order.