Thursday, October 25, 2007

the weather.

someone finally sat down and had a heart-to-heart with october. this counselor reminded october that he was to be a month leaning toward the cold, the brisk, the autumn. but then october went and got wise on the counselor, and remembered all on his own that he was also




Wednesday, October 24, 2007

the intricaces of workplace communication... as perpetrated by a bulldozer.

let's talk about work, shall we?



it seems that some time last week a decision was made by the powers that be. it went something along the lines of, "well, the plan was to hire a new paralegal to do trial work. but mel has proven that she can do trial work. so why don't we just have her just keep doing trial work and hire an entry-level para to take over some of mel's old responsibilities? yeah! that sounds great! let's do it."

fine. awesome. good plan, oh management team-a-go-go. it really is a perfectly good plan, nothing wrong with it. they hired a lovely 22 year old girl, straight fresh from college, to take over inquiries and eventually more, to start the following monday. they told a few of the paras. they told the receptionist. but guess what? ooh, ooh, yeah, i bet you already guessed it...





well, at least not until friday evening around 5:30. of course, by that point i'd caught wind of it. nothing stays a secret around my office. they'd already hired someone for the position and told at least five people, and i gots friends, you know? i didn't know exactly how it was gonna play, but i had me a hunch.


i'm now officially a trial para. not a big shock; i've been doing ever-increasing amounts of trial work since may. and the decision does make sense from a managerial point of view. why hire a newbie to put on a trial when i've proven myself to be capable and willing? on that point i agree with them.

now, there are those who would say that they could have *asked* me if i wanted to give up my old position. there are those who would say that they could have at least *told* me about the plan, perhaps before hiring someone or letting half the staff know (before i knew). but to those people i say, naive fools! haven't you been reading my blogs? that just ain't how these people operate. they don't mean it. they're just idiots when it comes to dealing with people. after all, they're just lawyers.

overall, i'm a bit put off by how the whole thing was approached and carried out, but i'm not unhappy that it's happened. i very much like the girl that they hired (she started monday and i've been training her), and at least this is an acknowledgment that i had WAY too much work; was essentially doing two peoples' jobs. right now i actually have more work, since i have to train newgirl. but that's alright. she's picking things up quickly, and it means that soon i'll have less work.

also, one of the trials has been taken off of me, and not a moment too soon either. the attorneys on it (or, well, the one really high-maintenance-hard-to-say-no-to one) were asking me for things that i hadn't been able to touch, despite my 60 hour weeks... very stressful. so the trial, my original trial, my baby, was handed over to probably my favorite co-worker. seriously, no sarcasm. a good friend of mine and an asset to the team. she too has a ton on her plate, but she's been wanting some trial work and she's ready. plus, this trial is already well groomed, with just one defendant, exhibits already in order, etc, etc. she already works well with both attorneys, has had some involvement with the cases, and we sit in the same office. i think it will work out well.

so once again work has been flipped upside down and backwards. the big differences, this time, are that a) there is a recognition that i was being given much much much too much, b) something was actually done about that, and c) the overall effect is (i think going to be) positive.

well, positive on my work life. on my personal life? that's another story. remember my leaving-in-january plan? can you say out the window? i don't know if it officially is, but i think it might be. it's really hard to see how things are going to play out right now. i feel like i just need to tuck my head down and get through the winter, wait till the sun comes back, and then take a look around and see where i'm at.

remember those plans of applying to nyu? gathering dust. literally. i don't know... i might still do it. but the more i think about it, the more i know i'm just teasing myself. affording that? what a joke.

paralegaling, it seems, is my career. for now, at least. TERRIFYING thought. if you could go back in time and tell my 11th grade trig teacher that this is where i'd be now... hell, if you told anyone who hasn't spoken to me in the last 12 years or so what i'm up to now... well, let's just say jaws would drop. to the floor. even those that have watched the progression don't quite believe it.

who knows. life works in strange ways. i guess we all find a niche... mine at the moment just happens to be in a windowless room in a law office in midtown manhattan.


it could be worse.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

i have a new sweet potato. her name is biellzie.

she sprung to life in my kitchen, sprouting vivid green leaves, crimson veined. and in my opinion, you don't ignore that kind of thing. i've introduced her to my money trees, frank and wobble, and they all seem to be getting on nicely.
a re-potting party seems in order, wouldn't you say?
and to think, jonathan wanted to include her in our breakfast, despite her sprouting... *shudder*. sometimes i just don't understand that boy. or maybe he just doesn't understand the magic.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

the lack of the blogs.

so, it goes like this. life has been hectic. thus the non-blogging. i've been clocking about 60 hours a week. and yes, the OT checks are effing sweet. but i gotta say, it's not all that much worth it. i'm exhausted, and ten different kinds of sick, and still drowning in work. the fact of the matter is that we're desperately understaffed, and somehow the powers that be are in denial. or something. maybe the 47 hours of overtime they had to pay me on yesterday's paycheck will make something click in their little heads? like, maybe it's more economically practical to pay someone else 35 hours of regular pay than to pay me 30 hours of time-and-a-half?

so yeah, there's been the working, and very little else. i've had a sinus infection for about two weeks now, and then this past week, i got food poisoning! now, we all know that in the illness department i'm a go-getter, and this event was no different. i didn't have to be hospitalized or anything, but when my temperature was nearing 103 don't think we didn't have talks about the emergency room. one of these days i'm gonna get me some scarlet fever, or maybe polio, and then we'll know the stuff i'm made of...

so yeah, there's been no blogging. and no social life. and no cooking, or cleaning, or keeping up with normal life responsibilities. last month several of my bills got paid late - VERY uncharacteristic of me.

money or not, this craziness has got to stop. i'm exhausted, and my body has all but given up on me. this week was all but a loss, and i'm more behind now than ever. they still haven't hired anyone. it's been two full weeks since sack-of-potatoes got fired. how long does it take? it's new york for chrissake. there are a few bright hardworking educated people looking for jobs around here, or so i hear at least.

speaking of which, anybody wanna join the team? as you know from my descriptions, it's the best job ever! great management, ideal seating arrangements, perfectly balanced workload... or, you know, the exact opposite of that. but whatever. it's a job, and you can bust your ass for a mediocre paycheck, little appreciation, and pretty good benefits. woo! you'd get to work with me, which always makes life interesting...

aah, existence. mere existence, and little else. i've been reading fiction for weeks now. yeah, it's that bad. no research for me; my brain just can't hold it right now. so it goes, so it goes. it'll swing back. it always does.