Thursday, September 13, 2007


ok. so my work life has been turned on its ear... again. my trial, the one i've been on since may, has been postponed again. indefinitely for all intents and purposes. i found this out because my least favorite attorney in the office popped his head into my cell and told me i needed to join them in a meeting - NOW. because i was now to be on another trial. i just sat there blinking at him, and he was all, "well if you can, i mean, what else are you doing?" and i was all, "well, my trial." and he was all, "well that's getting pushed off. ours is going first. we need help."well ok then.the really fucked up part: i knew about the trial getting pushed off before either one of the trial attorneys knew. how is that ok?so, again, my workload has doubled. mind you, this is the workload that i was barely keeping up with even while working 50 hour weeks.sometimes i think they're actually trying to kill me.what's really irking me is that it throws all of my plans off again. i can't leave in the middle of a trial and screw everybody; i'm just not that kind of person. but from the looks of it, we're going to be on one trial or another forever! it is the trial that will not die! and it's so bizarre because we don't go to trial. ever. we settle. we're litigators, damnit. this is crazy. i've been here for 1 and 3/4 years, and we haven't gone to a single trial yet. and now we have five cases going to trial at once, so that they have to compete with one another? what the hell?perhaps my sabbatical will wait until spring... but seriously, i can't put this off forever! i can't stay here much longer. i guess it's just a matter of which comes first: will we finish up with trials so that i can leave with a clear conscience? or will i just crack?

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