Friday, June 15, 2007

family. (i'm taking a poll: do you really have to love them?)

there is currently a teenage boy living at my parents' house. the description alone of my relationship to him is in itself a saga. it goes something like this: he is the illegitimate son of my dead uncle's adopted-by-marriage daughter.

the whole situation is vaguely mind-boggling. his father, who was never married to his mother, believes that he is the second coming of jesus christ. seriously. his mother was legally adopted by my uncle, my mother's only sibling, during his brief, unhappy, and unsuccessful marriage to her mother. she had four children from a previous marriage when she and my uncle got hitched; he adopted all four. they were divorced. years later, he committed suicide. did so approximately a month, actually, after said teenage boy was born.

so how did this child of chaos end up in my parents' house? well, they had to institutionalize his mother... again. he, actually, had to do it himself. (we bonded on this a little bit; i had the same experience with my father a few years ago.) at any rate, he ended up with her car. as the story is being told, two days after this event he was told by his aunts (each of which is crazy as a shithouse rat and / or mind-numbingly stupid) that if he didn't bring back the car they would report him to the police. you know, for stealing it. his mother's car. that they have no claim to. that he used to bring her to the mental health facility.

and so, somehow, he turned to my parents.

now, let me tell you that if these two people are all you have to turn to when you're in need of major assistance, your life is not going very well. he's a little shit, but i feel for the kid. how could he not be? how could he be anything but completely fucked up? and of course, there are his two younger brothers. one of them is with the crazy aunts. the other is with the crazy grandma. i have great fears for these two. at least the one with my parents is older, 19. he won't be there for long. he'll be angry for years and make lots of mistakes and come out alright by the time he's 30 or so. but the other two... i just don't know. but who's to say.

so there's a little snapshot of a little piece of my family. there's so, so much more. you just have no idea. one day i'll write a book. and then it will become a made for tv movie, or maybe a mini series on lifetime...